Is Your Financial Adviser a Fiduciary?

Gary Alt |

What type of financial adviser should you look for? A fiduciary.

When selecting a financial adviser, make sure you ask lots of questions to each adviser you interview, including how they are compensated and if they act as a fiduciary. Advisers who are fiduciaries must, in good faith and prudence, make recommendations that are based solely in your best interest. Full disclosure and accountability are required.

Monterey Private Wealth advisers are fiduciaries for our clients. And unlike the big-box retail financial companies, we provide our clients with a Fiduciary Promise.

We operate with complete transparency, avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose all details, fees and expenses. Because we put our clients first, we don’t accept sales commissions, kickbacks or rebates from any investment companies. We’re not about products and transactions. The result? There are none of the conflicts of interest inherent in commissioned broker transactions.