Willow Ridge seminar features Delaware trust expert Thomas Forrest

Monterey Private Wealth 

PLEASANTON, CA  Willow Ridge Capital Advisors is hosting a seminar on advanced trust techniques. Thomas Forrest, president of Charles Schwab Bank personal trust division, is widely regarded as a leading expert in Delaware trust law.  "Clients of estate planning and CPA's can benefit from transferring existing trust administration to Delaware, or creating new trusts such as asset protection trusts under Delaware code," said Gary Alt, co-founder and managing partner of Willow Ridge.

  • Estate Planning Opportunities During the Recession: Have asset prices bottomed yet? How will inflation affect asset prices in the future? Effective tools for advanced planning.
  • Delaware – Potential Advantages for Personal Trusts: How can California residents use Delaware trusts effectively and efficiently?
  • Tax Saving Strategies: Non-Grantor non-completed gift trusts to escape state income taxes and provide asset protection. In which states will this strategy work? Which states can permit a trust to change tax situs without court approval?
  • Domestic Asset Protection Trusts – Do they work? What clients are candidates?  Why Delaware versus the other nine states which offer self-settled trusts?
  • Directed trusts: Bi-furcating fiduciary investment responsibility from trust administrative responsibility. How strong are other state laws which have delegation statutes? Current cases and developments involving directed trusts will be discussed (current cases not public yet with major implications).
  • Total Return Trusts – trustee can convert with beneficiary notification. What happens if objections occur? What is investment performance liability for minor or unborn children? Can you convert back easily in other states?
  • Confidentiality – Why family disputes are often hushed by DE courts? No public records of any trusts in Delaware, if desired.
  • Dynasty Trusts: How large should a trust grow? Strategies used to created perpetual trusts. Which state is better?
  • Charitable trusts: Delaware’s unique NIMCRUT provisions defining income for future payouts.
  • Investment and Administration Flexibility: 1986 Delaware’s own flexibleinvestment statute and the new 2009 Delaware Principal and Income Act (hopefully to be passed this June).


WHEN: Tuesday, April 28
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Continental breakfast

R.S.V.P Lisa at 925.462.8005