Getting out early

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out as we expect. A friend of mine lost her job last year after more than twenty years at the same company. She felt confident that her experience would allow her to find a job quickly. She soon discovered, however, that finding work as a 57-year-old was harder than she imagined
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Get tax-smart with reverse rollovers

A lot of people have retirement accounts. Some people use their retirement accounts to build tidy little nest eggs over the course of their careers. They brave the perils of the markets and learn the discipline necessary for investment success. If you are one of those intrepid souls, I congratulate you. Here are some ideas that might help your retirement accounts work even harder for you.
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Take care when you name beneficiaries

Q: My wife and I have finally started to get our estate plan in order. We created a living trust to keep our estate out of probate and retitled our accounts to make sure they are properly included in the trust. Someone suggested that we name our trust as the beneficiary of our retirement accounts. It seems like it would help us keep everything nice and orderly. What do you think?
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